Navis 3 PMS - Property Management System

NAVIS 3 provides a complete and real-time view of all functional areas of a complex structure such as a marina, a shipyard and a business broker / charter.


It provides a complete set of features and tools for managing reservations, mooring contracts, for assignment of berths and all other "properties" provided to the company, and for billing, giving vital information needed to develop more effective business strategies and better customer service.

For every type of "property", berth, yard and shed, parking places and boxes, housing and commercial units, warehouses, NAVIS 3 is capable of carrying out operations for reservations, transit, mooring and lease contracts, sale or long-term assignment (long rent), management delegation, brokerage and accommodation.


Graphical tools such as the port layout and the planning chart assist the operator in the daily management of berth assignment, ensuring better optimization and thus enhanced profitability of the work. The plans are now created or modified autonomously by the operators, defining colors representing the state of occupation and graphic features. The new chart guarantees a high level of interactivity, making it possible to expand, shrink and move the contracts simply by dragging the mouse.


The operators on the quay with a tablet perform their tasks of monitoring the docks and sending all the information collected, such as arrivals and departures, hauling, launch and work in progress, to the office via wi-fi directly in NAVIS 3.


NAVIS 3 is equipped with its own booking-engine that allows you to easily post in the company website and dedicated portals - information that has already been processed in the software such as commercial offers (e.g., availability of berths and their prices) - and receive reservations from the web, also in prepaid mode with online payments. Even more, it is possible to set up a user password protected customer area where estimates, mooring contracts, bank statements and invoices can be posted, becoming available for online payments.


Through NAVIS 3 you can monitor all aspects of the ownership structures of every "property", easily draw the chart relating to the operating expenses (expense rate table) and perform the massive billing quickly and effectively. The charts are first created by NAVIS 3 taking into account all the changes in the ownership occurring in the time period considered, as well as defining the amounts that each owner will have to pay on the basis of thousandths, actions, square meters, class of each "property".


It is possible to manage "static" price lists to define rates for sales and rentals through the traditional manner or apply the "dynamic pricing" model by defining the real-time rates from time to time depending on several variables, including the saturation level of the port at the time of the request. This is the model currently in use in the hotel industry.


Vasco De Cet

Direttore di Marina di Portisco

Costa Smeralda, Sardegna


"Abbiamo applicato l’espansione Navis che implementa il pricing della locazione dell’ormeggio giornaliero sulla falsa riga del modello usato dalla compagnie aeree low-cost, dagli hotel, dalle flotte di rent-a-car e dalle Compagnie armatrici di navi da crociera a partire dal 2014.
L’espansione contempla anche formule contrattuali annuali, invernali (8 e 10 mesi), stagionali (4 e 2 mesi estivi), settimanali, semi-settimanali (lun-giov), week-end (ven-dom), wet&dry (4 o 2 mesi in acqua – in estate – ed 8 o 10 mesi a terra).
Il modello è agganciato al ns. portale e consente prenotazioni e pagamenti on-line, sia per l’ormeggio che per i servizi accessori all’ormeggio. Il prezzo esposto è sempre omnicomprensivo di acqua, energia e servizi primari (wi-fi gratuito, rifiuti, ecc.).
L’algoritmo che lo determina è concepito in modo da assicurare strutturalmente l’equilibrio di bilancio, mediante un fattore di compensazione dell’invenduto col venduto, assicura ricarichi crescenti al variare della percentuale di venduto e pondera il profitto intenzionale in rapporto alla capacità economica del Cliente riferita alla dimensione dell’Unità ormeggiata.
Con questo sistema abbiamo incrementato i ricavi e le presenze del 15% ca. nel 2014 e del 10% ca. nel 2015, riducendo ad un tempo le tariffe – rispetto al listino (ora abolito) 2013 – tra il 30% ed il 40%. Abbiamo riscontrato e riscontriamo un crescente interesse della clientela armatrice di Unità di l.f.t. compresa tra 10 e 18 mt, oltre ad una sensibilità significativa nel segmento tra i 18 ed i 90 metri.
L’indicizzazione promozionale della ns. offerta su Google favorisce un incremento della percentuale di clientela internazionale, senza diminuire la quota di mercato nazionale servita."


NAVIS is able to monitor the entire storage and maintenance procedure of the boats from the definition of a quote to the planning of operations and the issuance of an invoice, as well as the attachment of a detailed economic and financial analysis report of the costs incurred and profitability of the various processes.


  • Quote with two detail levels;
  • Work order (quote confirmed – the work passes to its operational phase);
  • Orders divided by boatyard sector;
  • Planning of work and optimization of boatyard;
  • Daily worksheet for worker and order;
  • Internal and external labor – quantification of daily hours by calculating the hourly cost;
  • Equipment management, stock and inventories, maximizing stock value;
  • Unloading stock materials and loading orders;
  • Management of the direct sales (retail) of stock materials;
  • Monitoring costs incurred for each order and quantification of profit margins;
  • Variance between estimates and total final costs;
  • Tracking of ongoing work and upcoming scheduled deliveries;
  • Management of estimated hours and total final hours for each job;
  • Order status: orders pending, in progress, completed, suspended.


NAVIS envisages the possibility of developing a quote for boatyard works, with varying levels of detail depending on the requirements at the time. For each item line, it is possible to develop a new analysis level that defines the hours of labor required, third party materials and services expected to be used, obtaining the total line amount from the sum of items entered. Once the offer is confirmed, the procedure automatically generates an order for the boatyard works, necessary for the execution and planning of the operations.

Many utility features allow for the search of quotes already prepared for the same customer or for a specific intervention in the historical archive, thereby obtaining support information in comparison to cases similar to the one concerned.


Work orders make it possible to identify and charge for items managed on a total balance basis of the costs incurred and charged for each individual job. The application, in fact, provides the instruments for precise control of the costs and revenue and the progress of the work for the orders. Starting from the details items managed on a final balance basis, a work sheet is generated that records the hours of labor employed, materials used and taken from the warehouse and any external third party services. For each of these entries the procedure calculates the cost and revenue values, highlighting the positive margin accrued or any deviation from the amount estimated. It is possible to immediately set the amount of time necessary for the execution of individual maintenance jobs, thus scheduling the work and appropriating materials for the activities to be performed, particularly in order to avoid temporal overlaps with other ongoing activities. For each work order it is possible to establish a progress status by setting the payment terms agreed to with the customer. Such terms will then fuel the general payment schedule and specifically that of the individual customer. It is possible to produce payment reminders, in the case of late payments, from the payment schedule.


This form addresses the management problems of the materials for use in boatyard works and for retail sale. Some features:

  • Broad option to search and select items for partial description, by original, alternative or equivalent code, by vendor code and merchandise category;
  • Management of multiple warehouses;
  • Breakdown by merchandise category;
  • Description in a foreign language;
  • Alternative, equivalent codes;
  • Replacement codes;
  • Brand management;
  • Location management;
  • Bar codes and bar code readers management;
  • Infinite sale price lists management;
  • Management of total stock on hand for each warehouse;
  • Minimum and maximum stock management;
  • Supplier orders management;
  • Special codes for special items managed directly on order;
  • Calculation of the value of final stock on hand at the time of year-end financial statements with the Fifo/Lifo system.


Navis 3 Broker/Dealer/Charter

NAVIS 3 simplifies and automates the boat sales and rental activities both in updating profiles regarding their "fleet" and in posting offerings in the company website and dedicated portals, as well as in easily preparing estimates.

NAVIS 3 at a glance means:

  • simplifying the updating process;
  • posting and synchronizing data on the web;
  • standardizing and sharing information among different brokers;
  • visibility in the web world in general and in especially in our portal;
  • extremely easy to compile estimates.

In the event of a completed sale, the estimate is immediately transformed into an order (contract) and then the payment method is defined and billing deadlines are set. The accounting module even provides for the entering and production of invoices and related payments.


Through this module it is possible to assign to a vessel, owned by a company or by other boat owners, all the characteristics concerning rental: vessel type (bareboat or crew boat), price list, availability schedule, related services, ports of origin and destination, inventories. Then an offer can be posted on the web through the web-booking engine NAVIS 3, both on the company website and in portals dedicated to charters, and once the offer has been accepted, an order (contract) can be entered with definition of all the related services and then billing and payments can be issued.

At any time you can have an overview of the vessels of all the ship companies and check the state of the fleets (rented, free, unavailable, out of service) daily.

Through the shipyard module you can manage all the maintenance and work on the vessels as well as the winter storage.

Yachtpass – our market-place designed specifically for the nautical sector and integrated into the NAVIS 3 software - provides the best interaction and dialogue between shipowners and the nautical companies such as marinas, boat builders, dealers and charters. NAVIS 3 becomes the back-office software of

The portal contains detailed descriptions of all the marinas of the North coast of the Mediterranean: Spain, France, Italy, Croatia, Greece, Turkey. Ship owners can submit a simple mooring request to the marinas and the marinas that have joined the system completely can check the availability and price of the berths to then make a booking on-line, even with pre-payment via pay-pal. The request comes directly into the NAVIS 3 software, therefore the marina operator can manage it easily without having to accessing other interfaces.


There are multiple services offered to the ship owner: In the MY BOAT section, ship owners can enter and produce a detailed profile of their boat. If they would like to put it up for sale or use it for charters, provides all the necessary tools to perform these tasks with ease.

In the MY MARINA section, ship owners can verify their accounting positions coming from their home port (with NAVIS 3) and all the facilities where they transited. From the same marinas they can also get quotes, mooring contracts, the progress of work. They can then proceed directly from the portal, with receiving estimates and paying invoices. All this information is made available by NAVIS 3. Thereby a new on-line service is set up, which is very appreciated by the customer but also by the office since most of its work is simplified, freeing up the busy front-desk.

These commercial and customer loyalty features can also be implemented in the company website, in a user and password protected client area.


All the amounts defined in the operating procedures converge in the accounting, providing immediate economic and financial control of activity.
NAVIS 3 manages the accounting up to the registration of various types of accounting documents such as invoices, credit notes, debit notes, payments etc. and the related financial transactions (payments) of both profit and loss cycle, keeping the payment schedule updated, where you can analyze the company's cash flow and other reports such as sales turnover and the daily cash-desk register.

There is also an integrated module for calculation of fees, related payments and accruals, and procedures for maximizing stock value.

You can enable the NAVIS Accounting Data Export module to transfer data, such as customer and supplier information, accounting documents and payments, to the most utilized accounting systems.

The interface now integrates with the following accounting software such as: SAP, Oracle Applications – Account Receivables / VM – VISual Manufacture / AD HOC – Zucchetti / Arca – Artel / Sigla –Sigla Center / Sistemi – Sigma / Gamma – Team System / Passpartout – Mexal / Business / Mago – Microarea / Euro 2000 / SAP / Microsoft NAVISion.

We can, however, develop customizations of the interface for any software package, not listed above, used by the company.

When you purchase NAVIS 3 your priorly existing accounting software does not need to be abandoned or changed since it can be integrated and interfaced with NAVIS 3, saving operators the double entering of data.

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