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NAVIS 3, a full suite of products and IT services for the management of marinas, boatyards, brokers, dealers and charters, is the result of 20 years of experience in the nautical sector with over 150 companies as customers. Today NAVIS is renewed and comes in the 3.0 version.

Completely re-engineered with the latest technologies to be intuitively easy and fast, NAVIS 3 adds new functionalities and enables sector companies to promote their business in a simple and effective way in the internet world.

Its flexible hybrid structure allows it to be installed and used, depending on mobility needs, in either a CLOUD environment or in a corporate network, ensuring data security, exposing to the web only the necessary information to carry out web-marketing and booking on-line while providing value-added services on the Internet.


The software access mode is that of Software as a Service - SaaS, which does not imply a high initial economic investment but a bimonthly all inclusive fee (software updates, online support), fully amortized in the accrual year.


The NAVIS software was developed in the late '90s by Gruppo Orologio in Caorle (VENETO) for the management of the marina and the Agency's estate. Subsequently, Gruppo Orologio set up the software house VIS Srl for the design, development and marketing of software solutions tailored for the nautical and tourist industries.
Today NAVIS is operating in more than 150 Marinas and Boatyards such as the Port of Rome, the Marinas in Rimini, Pescara, Varazze, Aregai, Gruppo Valdettaro, and Nautica Casarola. The experience gained over time in such a large number of marinas and boatyard companies make VIS Srl proud to be the only company of its type within the industry.
VIS Srl today has its core business geared in creating professional IT solutions for companies in the nautical sector and it is specialized in the design and development of custom IT solutions that adapt to the different business models and specific nature of the companies in the industry.
VIS Srl is continuously growing thanks to the increasing success of their solutions with users and it constantly invests in research and development in order to provide innovative solutions. Since the late 90s, one of the merits of VIS Srl is to have made an important contribution in computerizing the nautical sector and making it more competitive.
VIS Srl consists of system designers, system analysts, programmers, web designers, process consultants, help-desk assistants: motivated people who have given form to the company's success over the years.


Thanks to the years of know-how acquired in addressing the multitude of demanding customer needs and the collaboration of highly professional external consultants, VIS Srl is able to provide highly effective support for the start-up of new construction marinas, regarding legislation, organization and management processes.

The start-up of the software is guaranteed by our staff with an initial training session of at least three days at the company offices followed by online training.



The NAVIS 3 world is made of:

  • a desktop software - NAVIS 3 - with a client-server structure; the server can reside in the cloud and be connected to the client by RDP mode or it can reside in the corporate LAN. This type of structure guarantees the perfect effectiveness of the system even when it is stressed by data-rich interfaces, high levels of calculation and important database size. The software provides multiple features in order to fit different types of the nautical sector companies: ports and marinas, shipyards, brokers and charters;
  • a web app - NAVIS MOBILE - to monitor all the operational aspects of the activity in the quay or square via tablet;
  • a web-engine, interfacing NAVIS 3 with the web in a two-way mode, to enrich a web-site, bringing a particular intranet and its clients to life with nautical portals for booking on-line through API-XML by special way of;
  • a portal, YachtPass.comable to provide companies with more commercial support than those already commonly used.
  • a port application, interfaced with the management software, to further facilitate interaction and communication with customers.


To make business processes more efficient and less redundant, the main goal of NAVIS 3 is to automate them as much as possible so as to increase the security of information and decrease the operating time spent by the users (Since NAVIS handles the communication between different systems in the company, the data is correctly re-entered automatically, therefore human error in different software systems that results in non-aligned systems is avoided).

Through NAVIS 3 you can implement interfaces with:

  • accounting software – see Navis data export;
  • pedestrian and vehicle access control - controlled gates;
  • columns for entering of hydro-electric utilities - consumption readings;
  • • systems for digitalization and filing of documents.


NAVIS 3 has been structured so that companies are able to monitor key performance indicators such as:

  • Marketing efficiency (estimates audit)
  • Production efficiency (contracts and works audit)
  • Administrative and accounting efficiency (invoicing and payments audit)


VIS Srl guarantees continuous and competent software and user assistance 5 days a week. Providing new technologies for remote control and data privacy concerns, our technicians respond punctually and effectively with regard to any difficulty that users may encounter with the software.


IT solutions for the nautical sector

  • For every type of facility, berth, yard and shed, parking places and boxes, warehouses, housing and commercial units, NAVIS is capable of carrying out the relative operations for reservations, transit, mooring and lease contracts, sale or long-term assignment (long rent), management delegation, brokerage and accommodation.

  • NAVIS is able to monitor the entire storage and maintenance procedure of boats from the definition of a quote to the planning of operations and issuance of an invoice, as well as the attachment of a detailed economic and financial analysis report of the costs incurred and profitability of the various services.

  • From the detailed descriptions of boats in rich profiles to the posting of boat availability and offers for charters in portals. From the assignment of a vessel to a customer to the issuance of invoices and registration of payments.

  • Through NAVIS 3 you can define detailed profiles of boats for sale in order to post them in the portals and on your own website. From the definition of accurate estimates with a possibility to choose between different configurations to the issuance of orders and relevant invoices.

  • – our market-place designed specifically for yachting and integrated into the NAVIS 3 software - provides the best interaction and dialogue between shipowners and nautical companies such as marinas, shipyards, dealers and charters.

  • All the amounts defined in the operating procedures converge in the accounting, providing immediate economic and financial control of the activity. NAVIS 3 manages the accounting and even the registration of various types of accounting documents such as invoices ......

About us


Chairman Assomarinas and Marina del Cavallino " Navis is an easy, practical management software, fully developed by those who have matured a direct experience in the field of marinas."
Chairman Porto della Maremma "As previously communicated via telephone call, I'd like to express, on behalf of Marina San Rocco spa, our appreciation of the operational qualities of the NAVIS management Program as well as the vast support by its representatives every time we request technical-operational assistance. Friendliness"
Direttore di Marina di Varazze " Navis è efficace strumento di gestione portuale e Vis è Azienda altrettanto efficace nel seguire il Cliente nelle specifiche esigenze, anche di personalizzazione del software. Marina di Varazze opera con tale applicativo da molti anni ormai e con crescente soddisfazione."
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